These shows fit into a category all themselves:

Activity NameFacility NameLocation NameActivity DescriptionTime InformationPrice
Big ElvisBill's Gambling HallMid StripSee big elvis perform elvis songsPerforming Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.
Moving Statue ShowCaesarsMid StripMoving statues talk and tell a tale.Every half hourFree
Worlds largest CircusCircus CircusNorth StripFree
Night school for girlsExcaliburSouth StripFor the ladies: Learn how to have a girls night out$39 and up
Tournament of KingsExcaliburSouth Strip6 p.m. Wed-Mon, 8:30 p.m. Thu-Sun$68
Recycled PercussionsTropicanaSouth StripThurs-Tues 7:00pm$40