We have a family saying: If its free, its for me, if its not, it can rot. Fortunately, there are lots of things to do in Vegas that are free. Some are pretty entertaining while others are dull or dated. Heres the free stuff:

Activity NameFacility NameLocation NameCategory NameActivity DescriptionTime Information
Art FactoryOff StripArtVarious Artists all under one roofMon – Saturday from 9:00am – 6:00pm, and on special event evenings (like Preview Thursday or First Fridays) hours are extended until 10:00pm.
City Center fine art collectionAriaSouth StripArtArt display
ConservatoryBellagioMid StripExhibitCheck out the display of plants. The display is updated quarterly for each season
FountainsBellagioMid StripExhibitWater display with music.Shows are every 15 to 30 minutes depenting on the time of day
Moving Statue ShowCaesarsMid StripExhibitMoving statues talk and tell a tale.Every half hour
Wildlife HabitatFlamingoMid StripExhibit
Volcano EruptionMirageMid StripExhibitWatch a Volcano erupt with lights, sounds and waterErrupts only at night every hour on the hour dusk to 11pm
Ethel M chocolate factoryOff StripExhibitTour the chocolate factory or walk thru the outdoor cactus garden.christmas light display 5-10pm late nov/dec.
Las Vegas welcome signSouth StripExhibitIconic sign that you can photograph yourself in front of.
Water feature at AriaAriaSouth StripExhibitSmall fountain
Gallery at city centerCrystalsSouth StripExhibitArt Display
Lion HabitatMGM GrandSouth StripExhibitView Lions in a large glass cage
Marjorie Barrick MuseumOff StripMuseumNatural History MuseumMon-fri 8am-4:45pm; sat 10am-2pm
Howard W. Cannon Aviation MuseumOff StripMuseumView small displays of the Las Vegas aviation historyAlways open
Moving Statue ShowCaesarsMid StripOther ShowMoving statues talk and tell a tale.Every half hour
Worlds largest CircusCircus CircusNorth StripOther Show
Sirens of TITreasure IslandMid StripProduction ShowCampy show but interesting to watch.5:30, 7:00, 8:30 and 10 p.m. when weather permits
Show in the skyRioOff StripProduction Show