There are a lot of interesting things to look at in Vegas. Here are some:

Activity NameFacility NameLocation NameActivity DescriptionTime InformationPrice
Hoover DamLas Vegas ValleyView the hoover dam or take the tour insideOpen 9:00 a.m. -- Close 5:00 p.m.$10 for the short tour, $30 for the long tour. $7 to park.
ConservatoryBellagioMid StripCheck out the display of plants. The display is updated quarterly for each seasonFree
FountainsBellagioMid StripWater display with music.Shows are every 15 to 30 minutes depenting on the time of dayFree
Moving Statue ShowCaesarsMid StripMoving statues talk and tell a tale.Every half hourFree
Wildlife HabitatFlamingoMid StripFree
Volcano EruptionMirageMid StripWatch a Volcano erupt with lights, sounds and waterErrupts only at night every hour on the hour dusk to 11pmFree
Secret Garden and dolphine showMirageMid StripDolphine show and walk thru garden with various animals$19.95
Madame Tussauds Wax ExhibitVenetianMid StripWax Museum$25
Ethel M chocolate factoryOff StripTour the chocolate factory or walk thru the outdoor cactus light display 5-10pm late nov/dec.Free
Las Vegas welcome signSouth StripIconic sign that you can photograph yourself in front of.Free
Water feature at AriaAriaSouth StripSmall fountainFree
Gallery at city centerCrystalsSouth StripArt DisplayFree
TitanicLuxorSouth StripView artifacts from the Titanic10 am - 10 pm$28
BodiesLuxorSouth StripVery interesting look at real human bodies. It is actually not very gross10 am - 10 pm$32
Shark ReefMandalay BaySouth StripIts a small aquarium with sharks and rays and a crock.10:00AM - 8:00PM Sunday - Thursday$18
Lion HabitatMGM GrandSouth StripView Lions in a large glass cageFree
CSI ExperienceMGM GrandSouth StripView crime scenes, review evidence and try to solve the crime.$30
Effel TowerParisSouth StripGo up in the tower and view the city.>$10