Rent-a-car rates are comperable to other major cities. There are various fee's and taxes on car rentals and there are often very high charges for supplimental car insurance for those who elect the optional coverage. See Car Rentals at the Airport for information about the various car rental agencies.

All of the major casinos on the strip provide free parking. Be prepared to tip if you use the vallet parking and don't be suprised of the vallet parking is full during busy periods such as the evenings and weekends. Self parking is an option. The parking lots tend to be toward the back of the casino and are not always accessible directly from the strip. You may need to turn onto the cross streets to get to the parking areas. Note that if you go to the downtown freemont experience, you may need to park in the pay lot.

At times, the strip can become a gridlocked bumper to bumper traffic jam, particularly on the weekends and evenings. Unless you are going from one casino to the next casino or you just want the thrill of driving down the strip, you might want to jump on I15 just west of the strip and bypass some of the madness.

Cabs are not cheap in Vegas, though they aren't astronomical either. Most cab rides are generally fairly short and you might expect to pay anywhere from $20 - $40 if you are traveling between the airport, strip, downtown locations and other locations in the general urban area.

Public transportation
Public transportation runs up and down the strip regularly and from the strip to the downtown freemont area. These areas are served by both an express bus that bypasses many stops and the Duce which stops every few blocks. Prices are currently $5 for a 2 hour bus pass and $7 for a 24 hour all access pass. There are vending machines at most stops along the strip and you must purchase your pass before getting on the express bus. The all access pass will allow you to ride any bus citywide. Buses on the strip typically run every 15 minutes during peek periods and every half hour in the middle of the night. Because of traffic on the strip, at times the buses may come a few minutes apart or a long wait between as one bus may catch up to another bus and then be a long way ahead of the next bus. Buses on the strip are often very very crowded and at times you can't get on because they are so full and you are asked to wait for the next bus. The duce makes frequent stops and many people get on and off so it takes a long time to get down the strip on the bus. It is almost faster to walk, but of course a ride is necessary if you are tired from a a full day of walking and want to go back to the other end of the strip or when it gets too hot out. Try to take the express bus if you want to get there quickly. The monorail is more expensive but generally a less frustrating experience. If you are travelling in a group, it may make more sense to grab a cab and split the fare.

Monorail and other trams
There is a monorail that runs behind the casinos on the east side of the strip from the MGM grand to the Sahara. Fares are $5 for one ride and $12 for a day pass. If you plan to stay in the strip area, I'd recommend the monrail over the bus. The monorail does not run to the downtown/freemont area, so if you are planning to go downtown, the monorail is not for you. Keep in mind that the walk from the front of the casio to the station in the rear can be very long.

There are also various free trams between the casinos on the west side of the strip.

  • Between Mandalay Bay and the excalibur with a stop at the luxor on the south end of the strip. This tram is in the front of the casino and is convenient.
  • Between Monte Carlo and Bellagio with stops at Crystals/Aria. This is way back in both the bellagio and Monte Carlo, long walk to get to the tram but if you want to check out the various shops and attractions in the back of these hotels its along the way.
  • Treasure Island to Mirage. In the front of the Mirage and back of Treasure Island.