Everyone thinks of file sharing as some sort of shady, illegal activity. Just like the term hacker has come to mean some nefarious thing. Hacking is really about knowing how things work and finding the way to achieve a goal. It can be done to improve a system or it could be done to commit crimes. Same goes for file sharing.

Share your content. What, you don't believe people have their own content to share? Have you ever been to youtube. Really, lots of people are video taping themselves doing all sorts of things. Are you in a band and want free promotion. Share some demo songs with others. Maybe someday you will get discovered and sell lots of songs. OK, you don't have a digital camera and you aren't in a band, do you like to write. Write something and then use Bunzilla to share your work. So you are a plumber not a writer, how about writing about how to fix a leak or make a video showing us how. Then there are those materials that are in the public domain. If you've got some, why not make them available to others.

So why share thru P2P? Well, you don't have to get a web site and you don't have to setup a free account on youtube or other sites where people will expect you to then take time and make your site look cool. You don't have to figure out how to upload files and you can share without having to give out all sorts of personal information. Just drop the file into your sharing directory. Of course, give the file a name that is meaningful so that people can find it, such as "Joe the plumber shows you how to fix a leak.mpg".

So why anonymous P2P? For those who care about their online privacy, the question is already answered. If you don't care, then ask your self the opposite question. Are you looking for content or are you looking to form virtual relationships with people online. If you are interested in creating a personal profile and letting people know who you are, like to browse who you are sharing with and launch into a chat, then you probably don't want anonymous file sharing. If all you want to do is find files and download them, then welcome aboard.