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Version released 9/11/11

Version released 12/8/10

Version released 8/20/9

Version released 7/20/9

Version released 5/20/9

Version released 4/20/9

Version released 3/20/9

Version released 2/20/9

Version released 1/20/2009

Version released 12/27/2008

Initial Release: version released 12/17/2008


Bunzilla was created as a planned learning activity in the .net framework, object oriented programming, concurrency, multithreading, c# programming, and experimenting in new p2p networking concepts. It is not a commerical product. I hope you enjoy using it and find it a useful tool. The product will be enhanced as time permits. If it appears this tool is getting lots of interest, I will be more committed to updating it. I'm not much of a file sharer, but it seemed like an interesting and challenging project to spend some free time on.