Searching for files to download


To search for files, begin by clicking on the search tab. On this tab you can enter a word or phrase that you want to use for searching.

Pressing the search button will begin the searching process. A new tab will be added to bunzilla and will automatically be opened. This tab will hold the list of matching documents that are found on the Bunzilla network. Documents with file names that contain the word or phrase you entered are returned. By default, no filtering is applied. You can optionally use the dropdown "File Type" to limit the results to certain types of files. The filter includes a preset list of common extentions that are checked (eg. selecting video will include .AVI, .MPG, .WMV etc. files). Similarly, you can specify a maximum file size. If specified, only files that are smaller then the maximum file size will be located.

Starting a download
Once you have identified a document you wish to download, you may start the download process by pressing the "download" button.

Sorting results
The results tab can be sorted by File Name or Size by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The sort order can be reversed by clicking the heading a second time.

Interpreting parts available
Like many other file sharing systems, Bunzilla is capable of breaking files up into smaller chunks and downloading those chunks for multiple peers at the same time rather then loading the entire file from a single peer. The "Parts available" column indicates if the entire file is available. A box containing one or more shades of blue without any gaps indicates the entire file is available. Darker shades of blue indicate where multiple sources exist for the same file. If there are any gaps in the box where the background color shows thru, it indicates a strong possibility the entire file may not be downloadable. Because other people continue to join and disconnect from the network, there is always the possibility that the file you are downloading becomes unavailable subsequent to the search. Similarly, files with gaps may be subseqently located on other computers on the network as time passes.

Show progress tab on download
Pressing the download button will, by default, automatically display the progress tab so you can view and monitor the download progress. You can uncheck the "Show progress tab on download" check box if you wish to remain on the search result tab and quickly select additional files to download. If you wish to modify Bunzilla so that this checkbox is unchecked by default, there is an option on the general configuration tab which allows you to select the default state of this check box.

Automatically downloading files (scout option)
The "Automatically download" check box can be used to start downloading any additional files found. Extreme caution should be used before checking this box. You might begin downloading thousands of files concurrently since all results will be downloaded. You should use this option primarily when there is a file you would like to download, but you can never find it when you search for it. Check this box and leave Bunzilla running in the background for days, weeks or months, eventually someone who has the file you are looking for may connect to the network. When that happens, the downloading of the file will be initiated automatically.

Clearing results
The "Clear" button can be used to remove the items on the list. The search will continue and any new files found will be reported along with any additional sources to files that were previously listed.

Stopping the search
Once started, a search will continue to run as long as the results tab remains open. New or updated results will continue to be added over time. You can stop the search at any time by pressing the "Close" button on the result tab.