Downloading Files


Once you have identified a file that you wish to download thru the searching process, you can download the file by clicking on the "download" button from the search results tab

After clicking the "download" button, the file you have requested will be added to the list of transfers that are in progress on the progress tab. Bunzilla will then begin downloading the file . A progress bar will update as the file downloads. Initially the bar is red. As the file downloads, the progress bar will turn green.

You can sort the progress screen by clicking on the file name or file size heading. If you click the heading a second time, you can sort in reverse order.

Downloading can be cancelled at any time by pressing the "cancel" button on the progress screen.

Once the file is completely downloaded, the entire line on the progress screen will turn green and the "cancel" button will be replaced with a "clear" button. The file is stored in the directory you specify in the file tab of the configuration menu option. By default, this is "My Documents". Pressing clear will remove it from the progress screen. The file will remain in your documents.

Check the "Automatically clear upon completion" checkbox if you want the program to automatically remove the file from the progress tab when downloading is completed. Note that checking this box will also clear any files that are already completed. If you wish to perminently check or uncheck this option, you should update the corresponding option on the General configuration tab.