Configure Peers


Bunzilla does not have a master server that can be used to help you find other users to connect to. This helps ensure your privacy and is also a necessity since the product is not commercial software and there is no funding to run a centeralized system to manage connections. To compensate for this, Bunzilla maintains a database of known peers which represent other folks who are running the Bunzilla software. Each time you connect to another user, the two systems will share a partial list of known peers. Thus, over time your database of known peers will grow and there should be a reasonable probablity that you should be able to connect to other users automatically when you launch the program.

The Bunzilla website is one resource where people can go to find other users and form those intial connections. If you have a system that is available 24 x 7, has a static IP address and is not behind a NAT router, are willing to leave Bunzilla running, and wish to volunteer, you can register your address on the Bunzilla web site. Other users will then be able to view the list of know systems to which they might be able to connect to.

If you launch Bunzilla and it does not connect to any other users, it may be necessary for you to find someone who is running the software and connect to them manually. You may be able to find a list of users on the Bunzilla web site. Alternately, you might be able to find people individually in chat rooms or connect to friends who you already know by getting them to load the software and connect with you. Once you have the address and port of the person you wish to share with, and both systems are up and running, you can use the following screen to establish an initial connection:

You can use the peer configuration screen to manually connect to another known user who is currently running Bunzilla. In order to do this, you need to enter the IP address, port, and port type of the person who you wish to connect. When you press the "try connect" button, the program will then attempt to connect to the person indicated. If successful, that person will be added to the list of known peers. You can view the connection count on the status tab to see if you are connected to anyone.