Configure Sharing


The storage configuration tab allows you to specify what directory is used for uploading and downloading files as well as how much space can be used for temporary storage. Storage space is used on the drive where Bunzilla is installed.

When you start downloading a file from Bunzilla, it will be placed in temporary storage during the downloading process. Files may be downloaded in chunks from multiple sources similar to other file sharing programs. Those chunks need to be stored until the entire download process is completed and then those chunks are assembled into the file you requested and moved to the location you specify. In addition, fragments of files that peers are sharing are also stored in temporary storage.

You should set the temporary storage size no smaller then twice the amount of space required for the maximum amount of content you plan to download at one time. Thus if you think you would be downloading three 20mb files concurrently, then you would want at least 20mb x 3 file x 2 = 120mb temporary storage. The minimal value for temporary storage is 25mb. It is generally recommended that you allocate at least 500mb of space. If you have the space to spare, you should set this value as high as possible. The default value for this field is 4gb.

By default, Bunzilla will automatically removes partially downloaded files after 15 days. This automatic cleanup helps minimize the use of temporary space. If you uncheck this box, the program will continue to accumulate temporary files until the maximum space specified is full.

Temporary storage may exceed the value you specify temporarily. This is the targeted maximum value. As storage space exceeds the value you specify, the program will begin trying to clean up temporary storage by disgarding older, less often used fragments.

You can also use this tab of the configuration to specify what directory to use for file sharing. Once a file is downloaded, it will be moved to this location. In addition, files placed in this directory and its subdirectories are available to others for sharing. By default, the directory is set to "my documents". placed in this directory are automatically available to other us