Troubleshooting Networking Issues


I get an "application initialization failure" when I try to launch the program
The most likely cause of this error is that you don't have the microsoft .net 2 framework installed on your computer. Download and install the .net 2 framework from microsoft.

I launched Bunzilla, closed it, and now it won't run
You can run only one copy of Bunzilla at a time. The program is probably still running. Look for the Bunzilla icon in the system tray area of the task bar. See Shutting down for information on how to stop Bunzilla and an example of what the icon on the system tray looks like. Just double-click on the icon in the system tray area to display the application.

Does the windows firewall or other program pop-up and state it is blocking the program?
You need to modify the firewall to allow Bunzilla to access the network. See windows firewall for information regarding the windows firewall. If you are using other firewall software, you may need to consult the manual or help for that product on details on how to enable programs to access the network. See understanding network issues for technical details of what exactly needs to be enabled if your firewall software does not provide a simple "enable this application" option.

Do you know of any peers?
Look at the known peer count on the status tab. If this number is very low or zero, then you are likely having difficulties because your computer doesn't know about other people running the bunzilla software. See Configuring Peers for more information on how to add Peers to your known peer database.

Are you connecting to one or more peers?
Look at the current connections count on the status tab. If this number is 0 and you have a large number of known peers, then you are likely having network issues and you should continue working your way thru this checklist. If the number very small but larger then 0 and your know peer number is also small, you are probably NOT having networking issues. You are probably connected to a few people who are not connected to other people and who have no content you are looking for. See the Configuring Peers section for more information on adding peers. If you have a large number of known peers, but you are only connecting to a very small number of them, your computer may not be permitting inbound connections and thus you may be connected only to those who permit inbound connections to their system. You may want to refer to the setting up of inbound connections as described in understanding network issues.

So you have a lot of known peers and you are connected to 0 of them?
Yes, you are almost certainly having network issues. You may want to read the understanding network issues section in order to figure out what might be the cause. If you don't understand computers at all and it hurts your head to think about this stuff, then I would suggest some of the following steps to try to identify the cause of your difficulties:

Are you at work or some other place other then home?
There is probably security software setup to block access. There is probably not much you can do about this. If you can find a peer to connect to who is running on port 80 (tcp) or 53 (udp), you might be able to get thru the the security systems. These are ports commonly used for other purposes that are often enabled on a corporate firewall (eg. web surfing and domain name lookup). If the firewall is not setup to use a proxy or stateful inspection (eg. verify web or domain traffic is actually going thru these ports, you might be able to get past those devices. Of course, you should make sure you are permitted to do so, often company policies prohibit you from doing these sorts of things.

Do you have more then one computer?
Try installing the software on another computer on the same network. If it runs on one machine and not another, then you can conclude the issue is with the machine which does not work rather then with the router or other device on the network. You would then want to look for firewall software on the computer or something else on the machine that might be interfering.

Try temporarily disabling the firewall or other security software. Does that fix the issues?
If so, then you know what is the root cause - the security software. Now turn it on and dig into the help or manuals for the software you are using to figure out how to keep the security software on but not interfer with Bunzilla.

Are you using a laptop?
If so, then try to find some other open WIFI access points. If the software works when you connect at your local coffee shop, but not at home, then it is almost certainly your WIFI router.