Bunzilla does not use a centralized server to log users on the system. Thus when you start Bunzilla, you need to find another person to connect to. Once you get connected, Bunzilla will build a database on your machine of known other systems and attempt to connect to them at startup. We intend to ship future updates of Bunzilla with a database of known users, but since we are just launching the tool, there are no other users yet.

The following list of systems have Registered their IP address as systems that you may be able to form an intial connection with. Note the address and port listed below and enter one of them into the configure peer feature of Bunzilla then press the connect button. Once you get connected, you should be able to begin using Bunzilla to share files. If you do not connect, pick another system from the list and try again. You can tell if you are connected by viewing the monitor tab withing Bunzilla.

IP address