Bunzilla is a FREE Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing program. You can use this software to exchange files with other users on the internet.

This is a new program, so currently there are a small number of users. Hence, there isn't a lot of content on the Bunzilla network yet. If you want to test out the software, try searching for SAMPLE. I try to leave a system running as much as possible that has some content on it. If you want to help build the file sharing community, please leave the program running as much as possible and be sure to set the shared document location to a directory with content people might be interested in having.

The program is designed to be easy to use. If you already have microsoft dot net 2.0 isntalled, you can run the program by directly by clicking on the .exe from the DOWNLOAD page. You can also download the full installable version which will help you install dot net 2.0 and the help files. Once you have the program running, you just need to click on the search tab and enter a word or phrase.

Bunzilla is designed to protect your privacy. While other file sharing programs are based on social networking concepts, Bunzilla is distinctly anti-socialware. There are no user profiles in Bunzilla, and you can't see who else is on the Bunzilla network or what files they are sharing. The built in encryption helps prevent others from monitoring what you are viewing and downloading.

Since Bunzilla is a new program, ISPs such as comcast have not programmed their system to intentionally block or interfer with the operation of Bunzilla. You can also in effect use Bunzilla in a friend-to-friend mode. Since there aren't many users yet, you and a friend can just launch the software at an agreed upon time and share files with each other.

You may want to browse the help files to get a better overview of how Bunzilla functions.